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News updates:
Mar 17.."Mission Red Rock Benghazi" has been republished on Amazon.
Mar 12... The book "Red Rock" has been depublished, because there are at least five other titles called Red Rock. In my view, the title never said what the book was about. The story will be republished shortly as "Mission Red Rock Benghazi," which tells the reader more to what the book was about.
Jan 28, 2014........Author released a PDF & epub version of The Saga of Global Rescuer on
Jan 14,2014.......Author released an epub version of The Saga of Global Rescuer on Smashwords with a new cover.

Lon Maisttison Bio:


Lon Maisttison's hobby is self publishing. He controls all phases of the publishing process including the cover art.  He started writing books after being diagnosed  with congestive heart failure (CHF) contracted from a flu virus in 2004. In 2005, he authored his first book from researched work titled: “Kissed by Death: Congestive Heart Failure,” centered on patient’s surviving CHF. During his assignment in England in the 1990’s, Lon’s hobby was writing stories about a paramilitary organization known as Air Rescue. As a pledge to himself after being diagnosed with CHF, Lon published his first action-adventure book titled: “Two Sisters of Kuwait” in 2006. In 2008, the author updated and reformatted the “Kissed by Death” book and issued a new version titled “Kissed by Death II: Congestive Heart Failure.” In 2010, the author released  a second Air  Rescue Book  titled: "The Girlfriend I Almost Lost.


 In 2011, Lon released the first of five techie (technical) ebooks titled: "Flight of the Gunships." Air Rescue is pursuing a terrorist with three atomic bombs. The second ebook released titled: “I Earn My Keep.”  Jimmy is put ashore in Villefrenche, France to rescue a beautiful business lady, kidnapped to remover her from a 3 billion dollar New York / Paris real estate contract bid. She is not only beautiful, but also smart. The third ebook in the series is titled: “Red Rock,” and the action hero is Thunderbrit.  “Red Rock” is a story about Thunderbrit and five commandos stealing a transportation vehicle known as Red Rock to rescue 300 hundred passengers from right under the noses of the hostage-takers. But, when the hostage-takers figure out that Thunderbrit isn’t apart of there operation, all hell breaks loose and gunship’s are used to blast her a way out. The fourth ebook begins in Egypt when Global Rescuer passes through the Suez Canal. The love affair between Isis and Jimmy resumes while Jimmy is on training mission to the Egyptian Army. Air Rescue is invited to attend a Royal Procession that turns out to be an assassination attempt on Government leaders and Jimmy saves the President & Kings in a gun battle title: “The Egyptian Affair.” The saga continues with Global Rescuer continuing down the Suez Canal to Somalia and the final ebook titled: “Rape Day Wednesday.” Jimmy heads a commando team sent to takeout a Somalia renegade general who allows his troops the pleasure of raping all the women and girls in a village on Wednesdays. The team ambush the general and kill him and Air Rescue uses gunships from Global Rescuer to destroy his army. Once the fifth ebook is completed in 2012, the author plans to roll all five ebooks into a book titled: “The Saga of Global Rescuer,” to be published in printed format.

The Kiss of Death Books

Below- Kissed by Death and Kissed by Death II, both are self help books based on the authors own story and illness. The books address the technical aspects of CHF; causes, symptoms, diagnosis and medications. It talks about simple aerobic and resistance weight training exercises to strengthen the body including the heart. It focuses on fat in the diet, foods, reading ingredient labels, low sodium diets and building sodium databases. The second half of the book deals with the Mediterranean diet and profiles the author’s own low-sodium, good-carb, Mediterranean Style Eating Plan, a version of the Mediterranean diet which has been essential to the success of his recovery.  



Air Rescue Books

Air Rescue Story Website


The Air Rescue website tells the story about the creation of Air Rescue and Air Rescue's ship - Global Rescuer.

"The Two Sisters of Kuwait," the first book of Air Rescue Stories begins with Jimmy airborne over Tripoli, Libya on a commando mission to rescue an Egyptian envoy’s wife and two daughters. Three years later at Air Rescue HQ – Harrogate, the story continues with Commander Frank James arranging a business/ holiday for him and his wife to visit Jimmy in Mallorca to pay his one million dollar fee for the Kuwait Mission. As Frank and Jimmy luncheon together at the cafeteria San Diego, the story unfold about commando mission to Kuwait City during the first 24 hours of the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait to rescue the Emir’s grandson Prince Nasser.  Jimmy tells the story about landing in war devastated Kuwait City and unexpectedly stumbles upon nine marauding Iraqi soldiers attacking the two sisters. Jeopardizing his mission, he rescues them. The sisters befriend Jimmy and help him rescue the prince and complete his mission. Hunted by the Iraqi Army, they escape capture in a mad dash across Kuwait City, engaging in several running gun battles to be extracted by Air Rescue Aircraft.


"The Girlfriend I Almost Lost" has two covers, because the second  publisher wouldn't except the original cover, because it was out of focus. So, a second cover was built and accepted. 



“The Girlfriend I Almost Lost,” is the second book of Air Rescue Stories that begins in Fells Point, Maryland with Jimmy rescuing a beautiful woman from being raped by three men. Months later, Jimmy meets Phyllis at her dental practice when he schedules an appointment to have a tooth fixed from a right hook during a martial arts training class. They start dating and she falls madly in love with his European charm, not knowing that the international company he works for is Air Rescue and he is in real life a Special Forces Commando. Phyllis gets so infatuated with him that she asks Jimmy to marry her and he politely says “no” because of his secret life. Feeling rejected, Phyllis and her girlfriend Jen go to Cancun only to have their airplane hijacked by Drug Lord DeCruz and flown to Columbia for a five billion dollar ransom. Jimmy puts together an Air Rescue Team of specialist, backed up by gunships from Global Rescuer and rescues his girlfriend and the other passengers. But, it’s a flabbergasted Phyllis when she comes face to face with her rescuer and it is Jimmy.


"Flight of the Gunships" is a techie book, written for techie's who love technology.


Flight of the Gunships” is a technology based action adventure story about the exploits of Air Rescue’s ship Global Rescuer. The star of the story is the Fast Attack Gunship and all its high tech wizardry.

           The story begins in Alexandria, Egypt as the ship makes a port of call for a belated birthday dinner for the Science Officer. During dinner, a crewmember spots a terrorist attending a party in the restaurant, who is wanted dead or alive by the United States for 10 million dollars. Puzzled by his boldness for coming out of hiding after six years, Captain Cork decides to follow him in hopes of collecting the reward. But, the terrorist has other ideas and boards an ocean going yacht, and sails out of the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States with Air Rescue in pursuit. Using high-tech spying drones and good old fashioned cloak and dagger work,  Air Rescue soon discovers that  the terrorist  is on a suicide mission with three homemade one kiloton atomic bombs. To save the three American cities, Air Rescue resorts to using the Fast Attack Gunships to stop him.


Kidnapping Madam President
released free on Smashwords.

This Air Rescue Story is about Madam President's airplane landing in Cairo and being attacked on the runway by terrorists. She is taken hostage and hid in Cairo. Air Rescue sends in Jimmy West, the stealth warrior, on a tip-off that she is being held in a grand house in Cairo and rescues her. The theme of the short story is cloak & dagger, special operations, secret mission of Air Rescue.


 "The Tripoli Mission" ebook is free on

"The Tripilo Mission" is a cloak & dagger, special ops, secret Air Rescue mission to Tripilo, Libya. In this short story, Jimmy West, the stealth warrior, has been sent to rescue an Egyptian envoy's wife and two daughters and get them back on Egyptian soil alive.




"I Earn My Keep" is a cloak & dagger, special ops, secret Air Rescue mission. Jimmy West, Air Rescue's stealth warrior, is sent to Villefrenche, France to rescue a business lady. She is a smart, beautiful and very successful at winning real estate contracts for her family's company. But, while on business in Paris, she is kidnapped by her rival competitor to remove her from a three billion dollar New York / Paris real estate contract bid. Jimmy stalks the Mediterranean villa, finds the woman and rescues her. She returns to New York City determined to turn the tables on her rival competitor and wins the contract. But, when she goes to Mallorca to pay Jimmy West for her rescue, love awaits her.



The book "Red Rock" has been depublished, because there are at least five other titles called Red Rock. In my view, the title never said what the book was about. The story will be republished shortly as "Mission Red Rock Benghazi," which tells the reader more to what the book was about. 

Red Rock is released. Its a technology based action adventure story about Thunderbrit and five commandoes stealing a transportation vehicle to rescue 300 hundred + passengers from right under the noses of the hostage-takers. But, Thunderbrit gets caught  and all hell breaks loose and robot gunship’s are used to blast her away out.



The Saga of Global Rescuer - Released in paperback on, May 2013...The original idea was to write a short creation story about Air Rescue, and Air Rescue Special Forces, including their ship - Global Rescuer. This led into a story titled: Pirates of the Gulf of Aden. This story starts the series of already published ebooks tiled: "Flight of the Gunships," "I Earn My Keep, " and "Red Rock, "  known as the Sage of Global Rescuer Series and put them into novel printed format...86K words and very technology based....

"Saga of Global Rescuer" has one covers, because Smashwords wouldn't except the original cover, because of to much jpg???? So, a second cover was built.